We are more than patent agents. 





Creativity is cool, inventions are incredible, and patents are powerful — and we get to enjoy all three—all day, every day! We are a startup-focused business that understands the struggles of launching and investing in an idea.


Entrepreneurs and startups constantly have new ideas and inventions to share. Their positive energy and innovations drive us to learn, improve, and excel. We are challenged by their amazing new ideas, which in turn, keep us on our toes. We are startup-focused and innovation-friendly.


Our mission

We believe that patents should be available to all innovators, and not only the big guys. We think patents shouldn’t be complicated, expensive, or confusing. We have solutions for your startup, regardless of its development stage.


Our founder Dr. D’vorah Graeser, is a US Patent Agent with over 21 years of experience. She believes that innovation protection should be affordable and available to all entrepreneurs. She is joined by patent attorneys who are experienced in engineering, software, and life sciences.


What our clients say about us

I had already filed a provisional application, but when it came time to take the next step, I picked KISSPatent. D’vorah and KISSPatent created a genius plan for filing internationally first which allowed for additional time to decide which countries to file. They understand the international patent process and the best way to approach filing in different countries. They gave me a fixed price and stuck to it. Now I’m ready for international protection — KISSPatent is the best choice to go international, for sure!
— Shelly Bechert, Macho Daisy LLC
Easy, affordable, efficient - KISSPatent went above and beyond my expectations of patent filing. I’m in a super competitive industry. After I met D’vorah at her live presentation, I knew that I needed to protect my valuable ideas. KISSPatent took me through the patent filing process from start to finish and provided the patent expertise that I needed to take my company to the next level. I’d recommend KISSPatent to any entrepreneur considering a patent.
— Ling Chang, stealth blockchain startup
Coming from the digital investment advice world, it’s difficult to find business services that actually understand what I do. That all changed after I started working with KISSPatent. D’vorah and the KISSPatent’s team took the extra step to make sure they understood the current outlook for the field of digital investment advice. They created a realistic, affordable patent and trademark filing plan for me. Now I have a pending patent and a registered trademark. I couldn’t have done it without the KissPatent team!
— Jane Barratt, Vested Interest Co.

Our team

We are a group of seasoned startup professionals. We are a fully remote team with regional presence in the USA, Europe and Israel - with a truly global reach & activity.



Founder & CEO

D’vorah has spent 20 years in the intellectual property industry, and is a licensed US Patent Agent. She operates KISSPatent across borders, with offices in Chicago, New York and Eindhoven. She participated in the Human Genome Project and has extensive knowledge in the fields of healthcare, technology and startups. She enjoys running marathons.

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ZVIA OR   Head of Paralegal   Zvia looks after all non-US patents and global renewals. She is also responsible for our relations with foreign associates. When she’s not working, she works as a certified therapist and diagnostician in the Elbaum Method. She is fluent in Hebrew, English, German and French.  Connect with Zvia on  LinkedIn !


Head of Paralegal

Zvia looks after all non-US patents and global renewals. She is also responsible for our relations with foreign associates. When she’s not working, she works as a certified therapist and diagnostician in the Elbaum Method. She is fluent in Hebrew, English, German and French.

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COO & Head of Marketing

Peter is responsible for KISSPatent’s operations and marketing strategies. He has a background in digital marketing and advertising. He loves to travel, and his passion is advocating remote work for everyone.

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Head of Partnerships & Content

Jessica is KISSPatent’s partnerships director, and content marketing manager. She continuously seeks out opportunities to collaborate with our partners. She has a background in marketing and is currently completing her MBA at McGill University.

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Attorney - Head of Pharma & BioTech

Ariel is a patent attorney, Attorney at Law, Pharmacist, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Author of the book "A Patent in the Palm of Your Hand." He leads KISSPatent’s biotech department. He is also a motivational speaker and time-management expert in the personal and business success arena. 

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Attorney - Head of Trademarks

Xavier is the principal attorney of Hailey Law PLLC, which helps business owners and entrepreneurs protect their intellectual property rights. He helps KISSPatent file better trademarks for clients. He enjoys learning about new technologies.

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Advisor - Head of EU Partnerships

Daan is our driving force in Europe, heading up our partnerships and a member of our advisory board. As a highly driven entrepreneur, he is an expert in innovation management, business development and startups.

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Myra is a patent paralegal working with KISSPatent, beginning in early 2018. She helps you file your paperwork correctly, and submit your patent application in according to patent office needs.


Account Manager

Ayala is our account manager, helping to organize the account operations for the company. She also ensures that our finances go according to plans.

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Our Partners

We are heavily relying on our Partners and their knowledge. We also do recommend their expertise to our clients, because we all have one common goal: scale up new businesses with professional services.


Gary Slyman

President at Great Transitions Strategies

Leadership is the great differentiator. Leaders outperform their peers and well led organizations outperform the competition. Many entrepreneurs are experts in the technical area of their enterprise. They need to be experts in leading their organization: setting the vision, building culture, and being the face of the organization. Gary assists leaders develop clarity about the leader they want to be and accompany them on the path to get there.

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Patrick Busch

Dutch & European Patent Attorney at De Vries & Metman

Patrick has extensive experience as a patent attorney working in industry. As a result, he is able to place himself in the client’s position particularly well. He is also one of only few European patent attorneys with a Master of Science degree in computer science.

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Sam Abbassi

President at Bushido Lab

Sam is the head of Bushido Lab, a blockchain consultancy and development firm that helps develop the proof-of-concepts and technical strategies necessary for startups and small companies to scale. With services in wallet app/dapp development, blockchain design and implementation, token-economic design and digital asset development and architecture, Bushido are the experts for the blockchain space.

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David HONG

Director of Business Development at Heyi Blockchain

David is one of the founding members of Heyi Blockchain and is the lead contact for many tech companies, including world renown fintech and edtech companies. He is interested in the capabilities of blockchain to democratize and decentralize traditional industries and how new technology can improve existing business models.

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