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Your AI patent to-do-list

As we’ve established in previous blogposts, AI ideas are patentable! Protect your idea from copycats and increase your idea’s value by leveraging patents. Follow our easy to-read, 5-step guide to learn how to patent your AI innovation.

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AIDvorah Graeser
AI patents heating up - join us on the adventure fast!

Could the next patent wars be fought over AI (artificial intelligence)? Undoubtably, patent lawsuits have  been heating up in the self-driving car space. Google’s self-driving unit, Waymo, sued Uber over the latter’s “Otto” self-driving truck. The lawsuit included trade secret theft allegations—of course, it didn’t hurt that Google has a large number of patents in this area.  

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AIDvorah Graeser
Yes, AI CAN be patented—but what is it?

By now, you’ve probably heard that artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly—perhaps you are even considering developing an AI-based idea. Or, maybe you know a bit about AI, but aren’t completely aware of its potential. Well—we have great news for you! We put together this informational guide about AI, just for you. Join us as we provide an overview of AI, and in later posts, dive deeper into the patent process for AI ideas.

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AIDvorah Graeser
3 reasons patents are super important for VR and AR startups

Audio-video technology continues to explode and in turn, virtual reality and augmented reality technology are two of the hottest commodities in the technology field. While most people are familiar with the concept of virtual reality, many don’t understand augmented reality, the difference between the two, or how the small players are impacting the industry and increasing the importance of patents moving forward.

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VRDvorah Graeser
Most common patent mistakes

Most inventors are unaware of the rules surrounding patents, and are easily susceptible to committing a patent faux-pas—if you’re looking to catch the eyes of venture capitalists, you can’t afford even one faux-pas.

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searchDvorah Graeser
Why Patents Are Like Sausage

Sausages are messy and no one wants to know what goes into them (seriously, you don't want to know). And you might think that as legal documents, patents are totally formal documents which are always done correctly, where we know exactly what goes into them.  

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patent101Dvorah Graeser
Ad Tech's Murky Future

Ad tech seems to have hit a metaphorical wall: funding wise, VC firms are turning away from ad tech startups; users are increasingly frustrated with click-bait type ads cluttering their beloved social media pages; and with automation, companies are finding themselves to be the “Official [insert product]” of offensive hate groups.

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Disruptors in the Fashion Industry

As more and more traditional “brick and mortar” fashion companies suffer from lost profits, lack of brand engagement, and what has been deemed an “overall retail bloodbath,” well-known brands such as Kate Spade are re-analyzing their traditional business models, and looking to partner with tech disruptors to combine fashion with function.

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Patents For Entrepreneurs: Protecting Your Inventions

Being an inventor is no picnic as you may know, though we still need inventions to keep entrepreneurship going around the world. Yet, with so many inventions out there (and only a few succeeding), it might feel like a losing battle. Then add in how many people collide creatively on inventions, proving original ideas arguably aren't all that original anymore.

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