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Case study: The Cautionary Tale of the No-Patent Startup

Cautionary tale - no patents meant that Pixite couldn’t defend itself against a better-funded and better-marketed startup rival in the app store.

I want to tell you about the cautionary tale of the no-patent startup. It had a great first mover advantage in the App Store, with products that could do things no other iOS software could do. It had loads of new customers, and it was living the good startup life.

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May 30th 2017 event in New York: The VR/AR Patent Goldrush — Turn Your Ideas Into Gold

The patent race among Virtual and Augmented Reality companies is heating up—and you don’t want to be left in the dust by Apple, Snapchat, and other large tech companies who may block your idea by filing their patents first. On 30th of May 2017 we had a great interactive discussion in New York on the current VR / AR patent goldrush and how can you turn your ideas into gold.

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If 30 days is all we have, how much startup value can we add?

Imagine for a second that you were given a deadline; you have 30 days to build as much value with your startup as you possibly can. The deal is that you have to deal with your limited resources whether it is lack of time, experience, team or money and still manage to make significant progress. How feasible is this scenario? After all, it takes a couple of weeks to qualitatively validate users’ needs and months to build a quality product!

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Patents for Board Game Designers: Protecting Your Idea in a Crowded Field

We've all grown up playing board games and probably not taking any time to realize how those games became family traditions. While you've maybe taken a few minutes to notice the copyright insignia on the box (likely continuously renewed), patents were likely involved as well. Everything from classic Monopoly to current popular board games like Scythe had to obtain patents to protect their ideas.

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You Can Patent a Plant: Making the Planet Greener With Your Idea

The world can't function well without plants to not only help the ecosystem, but also to help us look a little greener. While most of us probably buy common house plants, many horticulture entrepreneurs still create new plant species every year. This is something you don't see receive as much attention as tech entrepreneurs do. Nevertheless, it's a creative pursuit needing just as much governmental protection.

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