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3 Reasons Why We’re #1 For Your AI Patent

Yep, we said it—we think that we’re your #1 choice for an AI Patent. But, here at KISSPatent, we don’t like to brag without providing evidence for our claims. We also don’t like to waste your time—so without further ado, here are the three reasons why KISSPatent can do your AI patent better than any law firm.

·      We listen to you

·      We understand startups

·      We have 21 years of patent experience

Reason #1 – We Listen to You

We want to create the best patent possible to protect your valuable idea. And we do that by listening – not only about your idea, but also about your overall business and strategy. We care about your dream and want to help you fulfill it.

For machine learning, listening is crucial because the field is quickly shifting. AI is further developing every day. Waves of innovation are coming towards companies and business leaders, whether they’re ready or not. The important details of your innovation will enable you to surf the waves – and not drown. Or, less metaphorically, to not be beaten out by a faster competitor. You need to protect your important innovation details from your competitors – before they copy them.

We need to understand the details of your innovation, so that we can protect them. And the best understanding comes through careful listening. One of our biggest advantages over other firms is that we are small enough to truly listen to you—and not just you, but your ideas, your dreams, and your hopes for the future.


Reason #2 – We Understand Startups

If you go to a big patent law firm, you’ll find some great patent attorneys. They’ll have worked with enormous companies – BigCo names that you’ll recognize. But—hear us out-- they won’t be the best patent firm for you.

Why? Because these big firms don’t understand startups. As we’ve previously written, patents are a business tool. You need a patent firm that understands the business of startups – and how best to help them grow and scale.

We’re a patent firm that understands startups, because we work with so many of them. We understand startup business models, exit strategies and investment requirements. We’ll tailor your patent exactly to your needs.

After all, you wouldn’t want to innovate like a slow-moving, BigCo dinosaur. Why would you want to work with a patent firm that only understands the dinosaurs – and not the fast moving startups that will quickly eat their lunches?


Reason #3 – We Have 21 Years of Patent Experience

We have a lot of patent experience – 21 years’ worth. We’ve been through all the changes to the high-tech world. We’ve supported our clients through patent litigation all over the world. And we spend a lot of time talking with the patent gatekeepers – the examiners at the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office).

Through our decades of experience, we know what works – and what doesn’t – in the world of high tech patents.

Within the AI field, the patents are changing rapidly. Changes to AI patents are partly because of the nature of the field – every day there’s a new development in deep neural networks. However, changes to AI patents also occur as other patent firms try different strategies to protect their clients’ ideas.

We closely monitor all of these changes. We spend a lot of time reviewing AI patents, in order to understand the best strategies for machine learning patent protection. Furthermore, we carefully keep track of patent protection strategies for deep neural networks and deep learning.

Therefore, we’re always up to date on the most cutting edge ways to protect your AI idea—something you may not find at a big patent firm.

We listen to you, understand startups, and have a ton of experience--what more could you want from a patent firm? Join KISSPatent to gain a truly hands on patent experience—resulting in the best possible AI patent for you!

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AIDvorah Graeser