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4 startup ideas that you should implement in 2018 to guarantee success

What if there were specific technology industries that provide guaranteed success for new entrepreneurs? With our list of 4 startup ideas, this is the case. It doesn’t matter if you start your business today, so long as you are in these industries – you can secure guaranteed success with the right plan in place.

 Before you start your business and make your idea public, let’s step back and think about it. These 4 industries will be the most turbulent markets in 2018, so there will be a LOT of competitors. Expect competitors to a) steal your idea b) block you from entering the market. Therefore, guaranteed success can only come to those who make pre-emptive measures and protect their ideas – with a patent. Learn how you can protect your idea here.


Blockchain as a technology is more than just bitcoin. Actually, bitcoin is just a product of blockchain technology and many entrepreneurs are entering the blockchain technology with new and sophisticated concepts on how to utilize the basics of blockchain.

You have to be cautious, though, as protecting your idea is a must in the blockchain space. We’ve found that most of our clients want to enter the industry and it is the arguably the most turbulent market right now. It will be even less stable in 2018 when already-established companies will submerge from their seed phases and start facing customers. 



Cryptocurrencies will have their own market, separate from blockchain in 2018. As bitcoin and other alternative digital currencies’ market capitalization will reach a tipping point next year, expect massive flow into the cryptocurrency industry. Even now, there are a lot of startups that provide payee and shopfront financial support based on cryptocurrencies.

We can agree on that cryptocurrencies are the most volatile market in 2017 and will be next year. And of course, the same applies to the startup industry surrounding cryptocurrencies. However, insanely high risk can lead to massive gains. Just don’t forget to manage your risk and reduce it by protecting your startup’s idea with a patent.


FinTech and financial disruptors will put more effort into digital banking and digital financial solutions in 2018. Revolut, TransferWise, and other companies have gained a great deal of traction as of late, tempting other companies to also pitch in to push this industry to be even more forward-thinking.

But beware, FinTech has grown-up, and now even big players are entering the space. Protect your idea from BigCo’s immense size and don’t let them win by blocking you out. 


AI – artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will grow up in 2018. It is more than just chatbots now. As newer and newer tools emerge, it’s rather clear that machine learning will change how we will sell, buy, manage a business, and work together. AI is already changing industries on a massive scale, so make sure to enter the AI world early.

+1 – VR / AR

Virtual- and augmented reality tools were overshadowed by the intense blockchain revolution that happened in the second half of 2017. However, they are still here and ready to change how you’re entertained or consume information. Entering the VR / AR market is never too late, but you might need a different approach with more planning. You have to know if you are the first to think of an idea and protect it.

We are helping startups to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams – with the help of patents. We believe that patents are not complicated and can be acquired on a budget. Join our Community to learn more about how your startup can use patents and enter new, turbulent (but, fun!) markets in 2018 to become a successful growth company next year!