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How a great app designer can bring your idea to life

KISSPatent would like to welcome our latest partner Appetizer Mobile. They wrote an excellent post that shows how app designers can help any founder – technical or not – realize their idea in a beautiful app. We’ve included a few highlights below.

Joe Girardi, the manager of the world-famous baseball team, the New York Yankees, was looking for a way to reach out to the public – particularly the younger digital native generation, which spends much of its time on mobile devices. He also wanted to support his favorite charity.

But Joe isn’t a geek at all. He isn’t a programmer. Although he knew what he wanted to communicate to the world, he couldn’t build it alone. So how could he realize his digital vision?


Our team at Appetizer Mobile helped Joe to realize his dream by brainstorming with him on the app that best captured his thoughts and creative ideas. The result? The sci-fi baseball game, PortalBall.

We created a game that would modernize the sport of baseball with the feature of Augmented Reality, superimposing game objects into your surroundings using the phone’s camera. We made Joe Girardi’s idea come to life – and created a super awesome game that has been downloaded thousands of times. In addition, we launched a really unusual marketing campaign that brought a great deal of attention to both the game and Joe’s charity. The app was written up in the Wall Street Journal and many other news outlets.

We have worked with many founders, both technical and non-technical. We have found that all founders benefit from working with an experienced design house, as experienced designers can help guide founders toward the best expression of their creative ideas in an app.

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Dvorah Graeser