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Making a successful leap from corporate to startup founder

Making the leap from corporate life to being a startup founder, guest blog post with partner Great Transitions – Gary Slyman

KISSPatent would like to welcome our latest partner Gary Slyman, of Great Transitions Strategies, LLC. He wrote an excellent post for all entrepreneurs who are thinking of transitioning out of a corporate role. We’ve included a few highlights below.

Do you have a great idea? The technical ability to execute? And the desire to make it come to life?

And yet – you haven’t started. You’re still dreaming about how great your idea would be as a startup. But you worry about founding a startup.


You may think that startup entrepreneurs are starving students, living on a diet of Ramen Noodles, to make their dreams come true. But actually most startups are founded by established professionals. Successful startup founders have an average age of 40, according to the Kauffman Foundation.

Gary’s post dives deeply into the difficulties of would-be entrepreneurs, who already have a successful career, but who have a great idea for a startup. In particular, Gary talks about the importance of the team supporting a new startup founder. As he notes, startups are a team sport – and one of the most important roles on that team is that of the coach. A great coach can help a new entrepreneur successfully make the leap from a corporate role to a startup founder role.

On December 6th we will be co-hosting an event with Great Transitions in DC at WeWork Dupont Circle and then hosting a live webinar streaming it for those who do not live in the area. Get the details and sign up for that here.

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Dvorah Graeser