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Patents that set off fireworks

Fireworks are big business – total fireworks sales were over $1 billion in 2014. The equipment for these increasingly elaborate displays is sold by a number of manufacturers, including MagicFire, Inc.

Starting as a small company manufacturing only specific fireworks equipment in 1997, MagicFire was able to grow into an established company largely due to their foresight in protecting their proprietary innovations with patents.


MagicFire manufactures high tech fireworks equipment – including computer software and control systems for creating the fancy fireworks displays that are now an industry standard and used by the likes of Disney.

According to a fireworks forum discussion about Disney fireworks, the precision of the Disney fireworks comes from a MagicFire chip.

As part of MagicFire’s journey from startup to industry leader, the company filed a number of patent applications and received a number of US patents.

Within two years of being founded, MagicFire filed the patent application that became US Patent No. 6490977, to protect a precise electrical igniter which would control both when the rocket launched – and also exactly when it would burst.

The electrical igniter also means that the fireworks can be controlled by computer software run by a computer system, as complicated fireworks displays require too many actions to be taken with too much precision for a human.

This innovation and others enabled MagicFire to protect its ideas and to keep them from being copied, so that the company could solidify its market position.

The company continued to file for – and to receive – a total of five US patents for its innovations; the latest patent that it received, US Patent No. 8820243, is for an electronic igniter with a timed fuse, for more accurate fireworks explosion timing by the computer software.

From its initial modest beginnings, MagicFire has leveraged its innovations – and its patents – to establish itself as the go-to company for precision fireworks. They work not only with Disney but also with industry leaders such as Grucci – which set a world record in 2014 in Dubai for the largest number of fireworks in a single display.

Patents have helped MagicFire to go from a startup to a recognised leader in precision fireworks manufacture so that they can protect and effectively leverage their innovations. In the process, MagicFire has created lifetime value for its owners.

So when you see fireworks, think innovation for lifetime value – and patents!