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Secrets of IP and democracy - which presidential candidate helps startups?



Startups continually make up the fabric of the American economy, though they face one major battle we don’t analyze enough: Keeping business ideas original. With a million people seemingly nurturing the same idea, you may have a history of head bumps from banging your head against a wall after being beat out by someone else.

You can either thank or blame new patent laws where you nearly have to crawl to a marathon finish line just to file first.

As a result, you need quick timing as a startup trying to market an innovative idea. The problem is that idea protection still needs some revisions, especially for enterprise startups. They can get blocked by competitors just because the latter managed to file a patent sooner.

Idea protection rights & democracy go hand in hand, and yet our current Presidential candidates spend far too much time arguing over who lies the most.

One managed to violate idea protection several times this year, while the other candidate hasn’t done much to find answers to protecting IP. Even so, it’s worth looking at what they could do based on a few clues.


What Would a President Trump Do for Protecting Your Startup?

While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump hasn’t even mentioned idea protection as part of his platform. Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped those in business from wondering what his stance is on idea protection. Considering the billions he’s made in business, we have to assume he thinks about it beyond whether he can win at everything.

One interesting connection comes from IP Watchdog, which mentions Trump’s uncle was once an inventor. No doubt Trump has some feelings about protecting ideas, though we may never know unless he tries to patent his haircut, or possible Trump TV.

How Innovators Feel About Trump

Many business innovators have continual beefs with Trump, particularly familiar names like Jeff Bezos. In the latter case, it was more of a complaint about inventor and innovator Peter Thiel supporting Donald Trump after Thiel donated millions to Trump’s campaign fund.

While Thiel hasn’t given details why he supports Trump, Bezos labeled Thiel a contrarian. To make this more complicated, Mark Zuckerberg stood up for Thiel’s Trump support. This already has Facebook fans going crazy whether Zuck’s a Democrat or Republican.

The Concern Over Trump Violating IP Rights

What might concern many about the above innovators supporting Trump is the billionaire’s campaign track record of violating IP rights. One of the most notorious was Melania Trump seemingly stealing lines from Michelle Obama’s famous Democratic Convention speech.

Then there was an incident you maybe missed: Phoenix, Arizona sending a cease & desist letter to the Trump campaign for using copyrighted video material in a political ad.

Plus, don’t forget about Skittlesgate, which seemed like Round 2 of violating America’s favorite candies. It all led to organizations like Bloomberg calling Trump a patent troll.

But would a President Hillary Clinton do any better?

Hillary’s Views on Patents and Idea Protection

The Clinton campaign hasn’t brought up any major details on idea protection, though her campaign is all for patent litigation reform. It’s a very detailed plan, despite many criticizing it for being too vague and confusing for businesses wanting to bury their heads from dealing with legalese.

Despite these criticisms, Entrepreneur thinks her innovation plan would help bring support to new entrepreneurs and create new jobs in the process. With this in mind, it seems Hillary Clinton supports entrepreneurship as the fabric of America far more than Donald Trump respects it.

Nevertheless, we’ll hopefully hear more from both on the subject once all the Twitter insults between each of them stops.

If you’re a startup, you need to care about this issue since protecting your ideas is essential for your future. When you file a patent early, you already increase the potential of sales and employment. A strong patent will give you awesome results!

Go out and peacefully vote on Election Day to send a statement you want to maintain the value of patents and uphold protecting ideas. While you do, make sure you pledge to never steal other people’s ideas when working on a project for your own gain.

Dvorah Graeser