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The KISSPatent Solution for Your AI Idea

In our last post, we walked you through a case study on how to get your strong AI patent. However, here at KISSPatent, we believe that we have a completely different approach than you may have seen at Law Firm #10293939. We take a personalized approach to guide you through your patent, all while providing you with inside tech industry knowledge. You won’t find that at a big law firm!

If you choose to pursue a patent with us, here’s what that journey would look like:

First Stop: Talk First

Before we get your patent started, we’d have an introductory call – for free – to make certain that we can help you. Among the many topics that we’d discuss, we’d review whether you had a complete design of your idea. Although you don’t need a prototype to get a patent – not even an MVP (minimum viable product) – you do need a complete design.

We’d also discuss the state of your business and how you plan to proceed as an entrepreneur.

For machine learning ideas, we’d need to discuss the important aspects of your innovation. For example, is your invention focused on a specific new AI innovation? Or maybe AI is powering a particular solution? Could different machine learning platforms or tools be used for your idea? Perhaps your idea is reliant on a particular AI implementation. The answers to these questions would help us determine the structure of your patent, and its scope.

Post phone call, we’d move into the next step.


Second Stop: Connecting

To solidify our connection, we’d send you an engagement letter that we’d both sign, outlining the process for preparing and filing your patent together. That way, there are no surprises in store for both parties. We’d also send you an electronic invoice.

Once the letter is signed and payment received, we’d start the best part of the process—preparing and writing your patent!

Third Stop: Patent Prep

If you choose our basic provisional package, we’d begin by reviewing your pre-prepared drawings to give you feedback. Once the drawings are ready, we’ll write the text for you to review. Finally, we file your provisional application.

If you choose our concierge provisional package, then we’ll start by talking about your business model and strategy. We’ll review your future plans and discuss which markets you want to enter – and when. We’ll also do a quick search and review the results. All of these extra steps help us to create the best possible patent strategy for your idea given the current business and market climate.

Next, we’ll do the drawings for you. Once the drawings are ready, we’ll then write the text for you to review. Finally, we file your provisional application.


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