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Why an NDA can’t protect you from idea-theft

In our latest Question of the Week, we discussed that timing does matter when filing for a patent and protecting yourself from being attacked by other patents. In this video, we will help you to understand why an NDAis not enough if you want to protect your idea from idea-theft.

The NDA ("non-disclosure agreement") or a secrecy agreement can’t protect your idea from being copied. Why? Simply put, an NDA is hard to enforce. The very nature of an NDA makes it difficult to execute its enforcement; one must show proof when it has been violated and the disclosed details of an NDA are limited. However, a patent is more helpful in terms of protection. Firstly, you don’t need to prove what information others are aware (unlike an NDA), it is easier to defend, and it gives you a broad protection (unlike the limited nature of an NDA). But, you can only defend your idea if you file a patent quickly. Filing a patent is the best defense.

If you want to protect your idea, file for a patent. We at KISSPatent can help you to turn your ideas into profit. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Submit your own question for our Question of the week series and we'll answer it!