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Who can file a patent? What can be patented? How to prepare a patent application? How the patent application works? What is a provisional patent?

Why patents are business assets? What benefits you have with patents? How can you raise funds with patents? How can you enter new markets with patents?

How can you plan your patent application? How can patents help you stand out from the crowd? How can patents impact your sales and business performance?

We collected our videos where we share our knowledge around anything patent related under 2-minutes. Worth to visit, we have almost a hundred videos!

We receive many questions from our customers on patents. We collect the most popular ones and answer them publicly here within our Question of the Week series.

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How can you protect your idea immediately at a low cost? File for a provisional patent!

In our latest Question of the Week, we discussed the essentials on the finding the best time to file your patent. In this video, we will help you to protect your idea in a way that will provide you with both the lowest cost and the quickest turnaround—the provisional patent application.

What is a provisional patent application? Provisional patents are for those who want to protect their ideas as soon as possible, but they are not yet sure that the business concepts surrounding the idea will work. Therefore, provisional patents give you everything you need from a patent, but only year of protection where you can decide whether or not you want to continue onward to a full patent application.

Provisional patents won’t become a patent and won’t be examined. You can file from anywhere in the world. You can beat your competition to file first. In addition, provisional patents are much less expensive compared to "normal" full patents.

If you want to protect your idea, file for a patent. We at KISSPatent can help you to turn your ideas into profit. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Submit your own question for our Question of the week series and we'll answer it!