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Learn more about patents and turn your ideas into profit!


How to get the most out from our Community

Our Community offers three things: resources, tests & quizzes and personal consultation options. 


Who can file a patent? What can be patented? How to prepare a patent application? How the patent application works? What is a provisional patent?

Why patents are business assets? What benefits you have with patents? How can you raise funds with patents? How can you enter new markets with patents?

How can you plan your patent application? How can patents help you stand out from the crowd? How can patents impact your sales and business performance?

We collected our videos where we share our knowledge around anything patent related under 2-minutes. Worth to visit, we have almost a hundred videos!

We receive many questions from our customers on patents. We collect the most popular ones and answer them publicly here within our Question of the Week series.

We have numerous ebooks that can help you on the road. We collect all of them here for you in our ebook library, where you can download them directly.

Our ebook library

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We collected our ebooks in one place for you. We are constantly updating this library with new additions, be sure to check back regularly and download the new books!

All ebooks are in PDF formats.

Our How To Series

Learn how the patent process works?

In this book, we detail the process of an application. How do you tell your idea's story from the whiteboard to the patent filing? 

How do you know if your idea is patentable?

In this book, we help you to understand what are the patentable categories and how to find your competitors' patents.

How to be first with your patent application?

In this book, we help you to understand why it is important to be first and how to make sure you are the first with your idea.


How to patent your software or app?

In this book, we help you to learn how patents for softwares work and how you can protect your app idea.


Easy reads

How to stop copycats with patents?

How to increase your startup value?

How to go international with patents?

Power your blockchain with patents!

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How to get a patent on a budget?

Longer reads

Patents protect ingenuity -- Why file for a patent and what a patent can do for your business?

The Frugal Patent Guide -- How to save thousands on your patent application?

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This book describes the benefits of having a patent from a business perspective and helps you to understand why patents are assets.

This book helps you to learn the tips and tricks on how to plan your budget on your patent application to save thousands in the process.

How to prepare your patent application -- How to do patent search, drawings and file for a patent.

This book is an extensive workbook on how the patent application process works and how you can maximise your patent application.