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If you are a blockchain startup, you need to get on the market now. The first "movers" will win. But, you also need to protect your idea from copycats, so that your investment will be secured. Protecting blockchain ideas is not too difficult—it is doable! You just need to know how.


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WEBINAR: How to protect your fintech idea?

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How to protect your fintech idea? -- 19/10/2017

Are you a financial disruptor? Learn how you can succeed in the fintech industry! 

Fintech financing has exploded by 700% over the past three years. An industry popular as this has to face problems. If you a fintech disruptor rushing to the market, remember to protect your idea and create a valuable asset that can attract new investors. 

The key to success in fintech is to protect the tech idea you have and appeal to investors to finance you to grow and face the big companies that you want to disrupt. 

On the webinar, you will learn:
- How patents can help you to attract investors
- How you can protect your fintech idea
- Why patents are your most precious assets

You can download our "How to succeed in fintech with patents" ebook from HERE. You can also check the presentation deck of the webinar HERE.