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WEBINAR: Do you want to get big $$$ in your next funding round? Learn how patents can help!

Are you a successful startup entrepreneur? Are you a growing business with true innovation? Then at some point, you’ll need to raise money. And when you do, you’ll want VCs to give your startup the highest possible valuation.  

A patent is a badge that lets VCs know that you have a truly unique innovation in your hands. You can also block big companies out of the market with a patent. What better way to show that you are actively thinking about the future than a patent? All of these factors together can lead to a successful funding round!

In the webinar, you will learn:

- How patents increase your startup’s valuation
- How much is a patent worth
- What patents tell investors about your company

Every registered attendee will receive our Patents Protect Ingenuity e-book and a webinar-specific limited discount on our patent services, so be sure to attend!

See you there!

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