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WEBINAR: How to launch a profitable startup with 3 key insights

This is a webinar co-hosted by our partner, Startupdevlabs.

Most people obsess over tactics - Is java better than ruby on rails? Should I develop an iPhone App or an Android App or both? Can I use Facebook and Google credentials for registering for my site? You are missing the deeper strategic aspects of launching a profitable product.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes startups make when launching their product

  • A better approach - understanding the important aspects that even large companies like Facebook and Google use to launch their products.

Swathi Young from Startupdevlabs will cover the 3 insights that help you launch a profitable startup. Dr. Dvorah Graeser from KISSPatent will cover the essential idea protection to-dos that help you to secure your startup's position on the market. The webinar will last around half an hour and all attendees will receive great discounts from services for startups