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How much does a patent cost and how can you save thousands on filing

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Every patent application has fixed and fluid costs. Sadly, You can't escape the fixed ones-- those are legally required for filing. 

But You sure can save on legal fees if you choose a fixed price legal package. 

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How will we help you?

We schedule a call with you and discuss your needs

Our first call will help us to understand your business and your needs. We will guide you through the patent journey and help you to file your patent!

You can file for a provisional patent, which is the cheapest way to protect your idea. 


We help you on the full journey to protect your idea

Depending on your business needs, there are multiple options where you can start. We support you on preparing your patent drawings and file your patent fast. You get what you pay for--all for a fixed price.

No hourly fees, no costs that you can't control. 


Who we are

We’re a group of IP pros who are passionate about helping startups protect their ideas and accelerate their innovations. We believe that patents should be available to all innovators—not just the big guys. We think patents shouldn’t be complicated, painful, expensive or confusing. We have the answers you’re looking for, regardless of your stage as a startup.


Meet D’vorah Graeser, our CEO!
She’s been helping startups get their software patents for more than 21 years!

Learn more about us in this video!

Learn more about patents in this video!


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For a limited time only! Apply the promo code PATENT10 when you buy the package here!