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You need to minimize the risk of getting your idea stolen first. Blockchain is a turbulent industry where everyone can meet with its copycat.

But, how do you minimize your risk drastically? You need a patent!

To obtain a patent, you may be tempted to work with a legal company to help you throughout the filing process. However, most legal companies over-complicate the process and charge by the hour -- so you can't control the costs.

Losing control will cost you money.


To get a patent, you need a partner who lets you fully control the patent process and doesn't work on an uncontrollable hourly-fee. 

You need to take control and GET back in the driver's seat.




We at KISSPatent work with startup companies to protect their ideas and help them to raise more funds through patents. 

We believe that the patent application process is simple and we work with our clients on a fixed-price basis. No uncontrollable hourly-rates, no over-complicated processes. Just simple, efficient and supportive services.

You are in control of a simple, efficient and friendly service.


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