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Why Partner with us?

  • We support our clients not only through patent services,
    but through specialized content and recommendations

  • We want to recommend only the best for our clients & our audience, so we carefully select our partners—a handful of industry professionals

  • Membership in our partnership program is free - we don’t charge any fees whatsoever

  • Our partners can collaborate with us on content & gain access to our platforms & variety of audience

  • Through collaboration, our goal is to amplify our reach and elevate our business in partnership with
    other companies

  • We select only one partner per skill area, guaranteeing
    no competition between our partners

  • Each of our partners are individually selected - all of our partnership cooperation terms are unique to the partner

Who is our Audience?

  • Daily Reach: with our content we reach more than 10,000 unique users per day

  • Demographics:

    • 27+ years-old

    • Senior professionals, C-level executives, business owners or entrepreneurs

    • Working in the fintech, blockchain, AI, foodtech, healthcare or general tech industry

    • Decision makers, industry influencers

  • Platforms:


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