3 reasons why KISSPatent is your best bet for patents

3 reasons why KISSPatent is your best bet for patents

Here, at KISSPatent, we help startups fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential. We help them secure their ideas with patents and kick-start their growth by utilizing the power of intellectual property. We work on fixed priced packages, making us much more affordable than any other legal companies. We also support entrepreneurs with our expertise and share all of our knowledge upfront.

Here are the three reasons why we are your best bet for patents:

We're a startup, too

We actually understand you — seriously. We're a startup business too, working globally as a location independent business. Moreover, I am a US patent agent with 20+ years of experience, and came from the biotech sector, working with tech startups to protect their products and ideas with patents.

We speak your language and understand your business — we think this is the most important point of difference between us and other legal companies. 

We put you in the driver's seat

Remember when we shared information on how other legal companies work with their uncontrollable hourly rates? Well, we work only from fixed-priced packages. You can control the process in a way that makes you feel financially comfortable, as you pay exactly for what you get. No hidden fees, no extra costs — plain and simple service packages for every need.

We also give serious discounts from time to time, so make sure you to follow our social media channels and blog to remain in the loop. 

We share all of our knowledge for free

We want to seriously tackle the misconception that patents are complicated. They are not. We speak plain English and we share all of our knowledge upfront and for free. We believe that better decisions come with better information.

Last year, we launched our Resource Center, a community page with hundreds of e-books, video tutorials, articles, and white papers. We also invite members to participate in free workshops and webinars, and we give them lifetime discounts on our services.

Feel free to join now to learn more — registration is absolutely free. We also operate a blog and social media channels for those who are not yet members.

Even better? The first consultation with our experts is free of charge.

If you want to schedule an appointment with us, click here. We’d love to hear from you!

Wondering if your idea is patentable? Have a question about this article? We can answer all of your questions — just hit "contact us" down below!

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