#ebook - How To Protect Your Brand Name

#ebook - How To Protect Your Brand Name

A trademark is not only a valuable legal tool for your business but can also protect your brand name—in more ways than you may think! Trademarks are, by design, legal protection for slogans, names, and logos.

Imagine the following (fictional) situation:

You’ve built up a clothing company with a huge brand following—your customers love that you always use a horse on t-shirts, pants, and sweaters. In fact, it’s suddenly become “cool” for millennials to wear your clothing because of the horse. You could say that the horse symbol gives you important brand equity when compared to the thousands of other clothing companies try to attract millennial customers.

Your competitor notices that millennials love your horse symbol—so they simply begin to use it on their clothing. Is this allowed?

Enter the power of a trademark. In “The how to protect your brand name” we’ll show you how you can use trademarks!

The e-book goes over:

·      What is a trademark?

·      What can I trademark?

·      The power of trademarks

·      The trademark process from start to finish

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Dr. D'vorah Graeser - Founder and CEO of KISSPatent


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How our patent process works

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