How our patent process works

How our patent process works

Many of our prospective clients ask us how our patent process works once they order a service package. As you may know, we work on fixed price packages, and don't charge hourly fees. Each of our packages is designed to fit specific needs—for example, if you need a provisional patent, we have 3 tiers of packages for you, depending on the amount of time (and work) you want to contribute on your end. The more work that you're willing to take on, the lower the cost of the package.

We want to give you a summary of our patent process, so that you have a complete understanding of how we work.


Step 1 is always a discovery call. It's a free, 30-minute phone call that allows both of us to get to know each other better. We always suggest for clients to speak to us for free first, so that we can get a better understanding of your unique idea. Although the patent application process has certain regulations that apply to everyone, each idea is different—and that means your patent filing strategy should complement your idea.

Once we have the basic details surrounding your idea, we'll be better equipped to recommend a patent strategy. The strategy includes information on what to patent, how to patent the idea, and whether your idea is patentable. We also may suggest other intellectual property options, such as a trademark or copyright instead.  

 After the call, we can both agree to the terms of the agreement, and you can order a package that's custom-tailored to your own business needs.  


After we've agreed on the package and its terms, we deliver the work for you.

Let's say, for example, you chose our basic patent package (one of our most popular packages). In the terms of the package, it is stated that you will do the patent drawings and we at KISSPatent will complete the rest. What do we mean by "the rest"? That means we'll prepare written text for the patent application that accurately describes your idea, and we handle the official paperwork necessary to file your application.

We'll be in constant contact throughout the process to make sure you're updated on progress. We provide help with your drawings and are happy to take 1:1 calls on-demand if needed. 

The patent application process isn't complicated:

  1. You need to make sure that your idea is patentable and understand the type of patent or IP protection you need - all covered by our initial discovery call.

  2. You need to describe your idea with patent drawings and written text. Depending on the package you've ordered, the task of coming up with a description can be shared between you and us. In all cases, we provide support for you to make sure the explanation is superb.

  3. Next, you'll file your documents with the relevant patent office or government organization. No matter what package you've ordered, we will file for you.

  4. Once the patent is submitted, you need to keep an eye on deadlines, milestones, and notifications--for example, when your patent is approved, when you need to pay fees, etc. Regardless of the package you've ordered, we will keep track of your deadlines, and notify you.

The amount of time you need to allocate

Our clients often ask how much time they need to allocate for the patent process. The short answer? It depends on which package you've ordered from us. The higher the cost of the package, the less time you need to spend on the filing — we will do everything for you. However, even with the most expensive package, you'll need to spend a couple of hours with us at the beginning. We need to make sure that your idea is patentable and determine what type of patent you need. We are professionals, so we work fast, but we aren't professional mind readers (yet)!

Ready to start?

As you can see, we work differently from other legal companies.

We give you full support and support you through the patent application journey. If you're ready to file your first provisional patent application, check our services or give us a call!

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