New Career Opportunity: Marketing Manager

New Career Opportunity: Marketing Manager

POSITION: Marketing manager

TERMS: Part-time

TIMEZONE: US / EU preferred

COMPENSATION: $15K-$18K per year

About us

At KISSPatent, we help innovators to protect their ideas with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We are a fully distributed team of 10+ people. We work globally, mainly with startups & entrepreneurs. We have a fully operating marketing system that needs some helping hand to manage & grow even further.  

About you

We are looking for a talented marketing manager to join our team. 

Apply if...

... you excel in writing. We only work with native English speakers & writers.

... you live in somewhere in the US, Canada or EU. We prefer candidates from these timezones.

... you have at least two years of experience in marketing. Preferably as a content creator.

... you want to become a growing team of a legal startup.

How you will work

We are working remotely so you can work wherever you want - in the preferred timezones. You will work closely with our internal team who handles everything from marketing, partnerships, and operations. You will start part-time, but the position can quickly grow into full-time. We have regular weekly and sometimes daily video calls, and we use Slack & other tools to stay productive.

What will you do

It is a junior position so a lot will fall onto your table with a marketing tag, but most likely you will create & manage & organize our content flow. You will create materials for our inbound and outbound channels. You will manage our platforms: social media channels, websites, newsletters, podcasts, landing pages, ads and many more. 

How to apply

To apply to this job, please fill out our form down below. We don’t ask for CVs, but a polished LinkedIn profile is needed. Please add at least 3 content pieces you wrote, and you think they are relevant here to showcase your skills. Please also include a cover letter on why do you want to work with us! We will reply to every application personally.

Your name *
Your name
A city / town should be enough - it is required for us to check your timezone
We don't ask for CVs, but we need your public LinkedIn profile
Please share at least 3 links on content pieces that you wrote
If you have a portfolio or website, please share it here
Tell us what you are up to, what are your goals and why do you want to work with us
We are open to answer any questions you might have - feel free to ask anything
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