New Career Opportunity: Junior Sales Analyst

POSITION: Junior Sales Analyst

TERMS: Full-time

TIMEZONE: US / EU preferred

COMPENSATION: Base salary + Commission


We have an immediate need for an energetic sales analyst who will personally communicate the value proposition of our services in IP (intellectual property) to potential clients. We mainly focus on B2B services, with both long and short sales cycles. A solid understanding of the technology eco-system is a must, as many of our potential leads come from within this eco- system.


We are looking for an energetic sales analyst who can learn quickly, take constructive feedback, and turn leads into sales.

This is the right role for you if...

You’re strong at building lasting relationships with clients through personal calls and emails...

You thrive on learning about new technologies, and are eager to learn more...

You’re able to think creatively about sales. We employ a number of different digital methods for sourcing and warming leads, but are always excited to hear about new ideas/strategies...

The word “CRM” is familiar to you, as are digital sales tools such as LinkedIn and drip campaigns...

You have 2+ years of experience in a B2B sales or business development role, specifically in technology or SaaS...

You have experience working with startup companies, growing companies, and entrepreneurs...

You’re able to pick up new concepts quickly. While we don’t expect you to be an expert on IP, you’ll need to be able to learn and communicate clearly about our services...


That was a lot about what you’ll bring—now we’ll tell you a bit about what we can offer in return. If you join our sales team, you’ll have:

...the ability to work 100% remotely, as long as you have consistent internet access and can keep to our preferred timezones

...the opportunity to join a rapidly growing company ...a platform to A/B test sales ideas and strategies

...generous commission


A day in the life of our sales analyst includes:

  • leading our sales activities across digital platforms

  • sourcing prospects, warming leads, taking sales calls with prospective clients

  • maintaining and managing our sales CRM

  • working with our marketing team to create sales drip messages for different sales funnels

  • explaining the value proposition of our services to leads, and how they relate to the client’s work


Let’s face it: when you hear the term “intellectual property,” most people aren’t overwhelmed with excitement. That’s because most companies working on intellectual property are outdated, boring lawyers—not us.

At KISSPatent, we work directly with innovators to protect their ideas through patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We have a unique philosophy on idea protection because we aren’t a law firm—we’re a growing startup. We’re a fully distributed team of 10+ team that works worldwide, mainly with startups and entrepreneurs. And, we have a love for the technology that we’re helping to protect—we all keep up-to-date on the latest trends in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and food technology.


To apply to this job, please fill out our form down below. We don’t ask for CVs, but a polished LinkedIn profile is needed. Please provide a cover letter where you detail your previous achievements specifically in reference to the points above, as well as a brief pitch on how you would sell our services to an entrepreneur in blockchain (including the types of techniques you’d use).

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A few tips on patents for entrepreneurs

A few tips on patents for entrepreneurs