Patents: How to Attract Big Companies

Patents: How to Attract Big Companies

If you’re new to filing patents, you’ve probably discovered things are considerably different from what they were just a few years ago. With new patent filing rules put into place over the last couple of years, it’s become a major race now to take part in “first-to-file.” This can become problematic if you wait too long since someone else could perhaps patent an idea before you file the paperwork.

Ultimately, it could ruin the new business you’re planning before it even gets started. Once you file your patents early, you’re in a major position to advance yourself quickly.

A major part of filing patents is being able to interest enterprise companies wanting to invest in startup ideas. When this occurs, it can also lead to a major acquisition of your business, hence leading to a huge payday for you.

Before you can get there, though, you have to convince companies your intellectual property is already protected.

Here’s more on patents and selling to enterprise so you take action now rather than later.

Enterprises Want to Invest in Startups With Patents

As a novice to the business world, you may not realize how much patents mean to enterprise investors. They aren’t going to give you the time of day if you show them you haven’t taken patent filing seriously.

Would you want to invest in a business if you knew they hadn’t protected their intellectual property? Investors are going to consider you a sitting duck if you haven’t, including being vulnerable to major litigation fighting over ownership rights.

In some cases, it could mean you being legally blocked from using a business idea after years of hard work developing your concept.

When investors see you take patents seriously, they get the message that you’re in your business to win and not suffer downtime going through legal entanglements.

Selling Patents to Your Investors

Enterprises that find interest in your patents shouldn’t become a concern to you, because they can potentially make you a huge financial success. Consider when you sell your patents to someone of influence, they’ll further protect you legally and find the right avenues to market your business idea.

Gaining a valuable ally like this can save you a lot of time doing marketing on your own in a very competitive world. Your investors may already have considerable experience working with valuable business ideas and knowing how to make them stand out in a crowded creative world.

So always take investors seriously when they ask you about patents, no matter if you’re in a “Shark Tank” environment. Before you approach any investor, make sure you’ve already patented your products, including paperwork as proof so there aren’t any disputes.

Going Beyond Selling Your Patents

The investor might prefer to invest in your company instead, especially if they think your product ideas are extremely valuable. Uniqueness counts for everything in an idea-rich world, though it won’t matter if patents aren’t filed first. The “invent first” idea no doubt sounded better years ago, but now the game has changed.

Selling your company to investors can help you profit immediately off your patents, sometimes before you even use them on your own. If investors have this much faith in your company, you can become one of those overnight success stories where you suddenly find millions of dollars in your bank account.

Even if it’s rare when this happens, investors are always on the lookout for the most marketable ideas. You’ll do even better if you can prove the worth of your patents and show how successful your business and ideas have already been with a loyal customer base.

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