3 Lessons for Food Startups

Is your food startup in the 10% club?

90% of new startups fail. That’s a daunting number we often hear cited to “scare” potential businessowners. However, few and far between discuss the 10% that succeed. Although the term “food startup” covers a range of areas, from the world of consumer packaged goods to agricultural technology, there are 3 lessons that hold true foreveryfood startup:

Your Thanksgiving Dinner...and what you can protect

Millions of Americans will spend hours cooking the perfect Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, complete with turkey, cranberry, and (my personal favorite) pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving, we want to encourage you to look at your dinner plate differently--and start to ponder what parts of your meal can and can’t be protected by intellectual property. 

You Can Patent a Plant: Making the Planet Greener With Your Idea

The world can't function well without plants to not only help the ecosystem, but also to help us look a little greener. While most of us probably buy common house plants, many horticulture entrepreneurs still create new plant species every year. This is something you don't see receive as much attention as tech entrepreneurs do. Nevertheless, it's a creative pursuit needing just as much governmental protection.