Interested in our Media partnership program?



What happens during the call?

Carlos Silva, our Marketing Manager, will chat with you. After scheduling a call (using the form below), you’ll receive an automated email confirmation with a Zoom link. You can use the Zoom link to connect with Carlos, using mobile or computer audio.

During the call, Carlos will ask you questions about your goals and the type of content partnership opportunities available through your particular channels. This helps us learn as much as we can about you and your work. Carlos will also share more information about our content partnership programs.

The meeting is scheduled to last for 45-minutes, with the possibility for extension depending on individual circumstances.



  1. Select a date & time

  2. Fill in your info & answer a few preliminary questions

  3. Confirm the scheduled call

  4. Wait for the automated confirmation email from us

If you have any questions about scheduling, feel free to email Carlos directly by clicking here