We believe in the power of being more than patent agents. 

We strive to maintain meaningful relationships not only with our clients, but also with our partners. We believe in offering the best services possible for the best startups out there. Entrepreneurs and innovators deserve to receive our full support — and even though our core services focus on intellectual property, we’re much more than that.

Through our partners, we combine decades of industry experience to help our clients protect and implement their ideas.


Find someone to help you turn your idea into reality


How does it work?

You, our beloved client, simply pick an expert whose skills match your needs. You can contact them directly through this page, or at their own site.

If you want, we can also make the necessary introductions. Even if you are not a direct client of ours, you can still have a relationship with our partners.

We never take a cut — our partnership approach is strictly intended to build better business relationships.


Our partners are carefully selected, based on their areas of expertise.

We’ve been in this business for decades, so it’s no wonder we have long-lasting business relationships.

We collaborate with our partners on content, promotion, and client relationships.


Absolutely! We are actively looking for entrepreneurs who can truly complement our core intellectual property services.

Our partnership application process is simple and straightforward. It starts with a quick shout-out to our Partnership Director, Jessica Erdman.


Our Partners



GARY SLYMAN - President at Great Transitions Strategies

Leadership is the great differentiator. Leaders outperform their peers and well led organizations outperform the competition. Many entrepreneurs are experts in the technical area of their enterprise. They need to be experts in leading their organization: setting the vision, building culture, and being the face of the organization. Gary assists leaders develop clarity about the leader they want to be and accompany them on the path to get there.

Gary’s contact details:

Email | Website | LinkedIn | Facebook



CHRIS KALABOUKIS - Founder & chief ideator of helloFUTURE

Chris is the head of helloFUTURE, an ideation consultancy which focuses on innovation in product development, business models and customer experience. Core services include ideation, futurist and targeted IP generation programs leading to profitable new businesses, happier more productive employees, licensing revenues and freedom to operate.

Chris’ contact details:

Email | Website | LinkedIn | Twitter



DAVID HONG - Director of Business Development at Heyi Blockchain

David is one of the founding members of Heyi Blockchain and is the lead contact for many tech companies, including world renown fintech and edtech companies. He is interested in the capabilities of blockchain to democratize and decentralize traditional industries and how new technology can improve existing business models.

David’s contact details:

Email | Website | LinkedIn | Medium



PATRICK BUSCH - Dutch & European Patent Attorney at De Vries & Metman

Patrick has extensive experience as a patent attorney working in industry. As a result, he is able to place himself in the client’s position particularly well. He is also one of only few European patent attorneys with a Master of Science degree in computer science.

Patrick’s contact details:

Email | Website | LinkedIn



SAM ABBASSI - President at Bushido Lab

Sam is the head of Bushido Lab, a blockchain consultancy and development firm that helps develop the proof-of-concepts and technical strategies necessary for startups and small companies to scale. With services in wallet app/dapp development, blockchain design and implementation, token-economic design and digital asset development and architecture, Bushido are the experts for the blockchain space.

Sam’s contact details:

Email | Website | LinkedIn | Twitter


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