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KISSPatent is an innovation consulting company that helps innovators protect and monetize their ideas through intellectual property solutions. We work with early stage startups, SMEs, and enterprises to launch, boost, and strengthen their innovation processes with AI-supported services and tools, customized to each company’s needs.

Our experience spans over two decades in intellectual property consulting. Although we are based in Chicago and Eindhoven, our team of patent experts and startup consultants is fully remote.

We aren’t a typical “patent” consultant/legal company. We operate differently through 3 key pillars:

  • Fixed-price Packages: We make IP attainable for everyone through our affordable, fixed-price service packages — we don’t work by the hour. To learn more about our services, click here.

  • Legal Tech: We are a legal tech startup and we develop our own AI-assisted tools to automate and simplify the patent process.

  • Transparency: We pride ourselves in being transparent and sharing our knowledge openly with everyone. Our Learning Hub contains easy-to-understand insights on startup trends & IP, and our Resource Center supports innovators with detailed information on patents & other IP solutions.


Information about intellectual property

As patent, trademark, and copyright experts, we put forth our knowledge for everyone. Our end goal is to simplify the patent process and make intellectual property available for everyone, regardless of budget, knowledge, or resources.

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