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  • To protect your idea from copycats
  • To get more funding from investors
  • To secure your maximum cash-out from your business
  • To boost your trust, sales and team retention

Avoid these mistakes...

  • High patent fees from legal companies
  • Competitors blocking you out of your market
  • Investors that don't find your idea appealing to invest in
  • Increased risk of your startup failing 

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HOW to get A PATENT?

How do patent applications work in different countries and markets?

How can we help you to get your patents sorted out?

what can be patented?

What's the difference between trademarks, copyrights and patents?

What is a patent in general?

How much DOES a patent cost?

How can you save thousands of dollars on patent applications?

How can patents help you earn more in the long-term?


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We are more than just a patent agent


Why do we love what we do?


Creativity is cool, inventions are incredible and patents are powerful – and we get to enjoy all three, all day, every day! We are a startup-focused business that perfectly understands the struggle of starting a business and investing into your own idea.


Entrepreneurs and startups always have new ideas and inventions to share. Their positive energy and innovations drive us to learn, improve and excel. We are challenged by their amazing new ideas, and we keep our own thinking fresh and up to date. We are startup-focused and innovation-friendly.

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Who is KISSPatent?

About our mission

We believe that patents should be available to all innovators—not just the big guys. We think patents shouldn’t be complicated, painful, expensive or confusing. We have the answers you’re looking for, no matter your stage as a startup.


Our founder Dr. D’vorah Graeser, is a US Patent Agent with over 21 years of experience. She believes that innovation protection should be affordable and available to all entrepreneurs. She is joined by patent attorneys who are experienced in the areas of engineering, software and the life sciences.

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What our clients say about our services:

Easy, affordable, efficient - KISSPatent went above and beyond my expectations of patent filing. I’m in a super competitive industry. After I met D’vorah at her live presentation, I knew that I needed to protect my valuable ideas. KISSPatent took me through the patent filing process from start to finish and provided the patent expertise that I needed to take my company to the next level. I’d recommend KISSPatent to any entrepreneur considering a patent.
— Ling Chang, stealth blockchain startup
Coming from the digital investment advice world, it’s difficult to find business services that actually understand what I do. That all changed after I started working with KISSPatent. D’vorah and the KISSPatent’s team took the extra step to make sure they understood the current outlook for the field of digital investment advice. They created a realistic, affordable patent and trademark filing plan for me. Now I have a pending patent and a registered trademark. I couldn’t have done it without the KissPatent team!
— Jane Barratt, Vested Interest Co.
I had already filed a provisional application, but when it came time to take the next step, I picked KISSPatent. D’vorah and KISSPatent created a genius plan for filing internationally first which allowed for additional time to decide which countries to file. They understand the international patent process and the best way to approach filing in different countries. They gave me a fixed price and stuck to it. Now I’m ready for international protection — KISSPatent is the best choice to go international, for sure!
— Shelly Bechert, Macho Daisy LLC