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Patents impact our everyday lives in ways we often don't imagine, from our own start-up ideas to the very products we use on a daily basis. Patents are often perceived as inaccessible due to an overabundance of information and technical legal jargon. 

Welcome to KISSPatent, where that will all change. KISSPatent puts the power of patents into the hands of startups, no matter how big or small. 



What's the difference between trademarks, copyrights and patents?

What can be patented?


HOW to get A PATENT?

How do patent applications work in different countries and markets?

How can we help you to get your patents sorted out?


How much DOES a patent cost?

How to save thousands of dollars on patent applications?

How patents can help you earn more on the long-term?


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Why do we love what we do?


Creativity is cool, inventions are incredible and patents are powerful – and we get to enjoy all three, all day, every day! We are a startup-focused business that perfectly understands the struggle of starting a business and investing into your own idea.


Entrepreneurs and startups always have new ideas and inventions to share. Their positive energy and innovations drive us to learn, improve and excel. We are challenged by their amazing new ideas, and we keep our own thinking fresh and up to date. We are startup-focused and innovation-friendly.

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Who is KISSPatent?

About our mission

We believe that patents should be available to all innovators—not just the big guys. We think patents shouldn’t be complicated, painful, expensive or confusing. We have the answers you’re looking for, no matter your stage as a startup.


Our founder Dr. D’vorah Graeser, is a US Patent Agent with over 21 years of experience. She believes that innovation protection should be affordable and available to all entrepreneurs. She is joined by patent attorneys who are experienced in the areas of engineering, software and the life sciences.

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Benefits of patenting your idea

Be appealing to investors and increase your startup’s valuation

Enter new markets and countries while keeping your idea secured

Get peace of mind and focus on the momentum you already have

Have an investment in intellectual property that can turn into profit

Protect against copycats and keep your harsh competition at bay

Stand out from the crowd while your idea works twice as hard

GAI helped Compugen develop a cost-effective IP strategy for therapeutic proteins, including timing, construction of claims and international patent filings. The team was knowledgeable in therapeutic protein IP, anticipated our needs, and provided what was needed for a strong IP strategy.
— Jeanne Bernstein, Compugen Patent Attorney
GAI was instrumental in fulfilling IPU Industries licensing agreements with an external research institution while protecting our own intellectual property. We will continue to call on them for assistance with other IP needs.
— IPU Industries, Ltd.