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Cleantech Patents: Common Problems

Cleantech is one of the hottest topics trending right now on the startup scene. But, there are a number of concerns in this field when it comes to ideas and patents. This article shines some light on the most common problems and concerns and helps you to solve these issues. We help startups to realize their dreams through patents - this is no different when it comes to Cleantech entrepreneurs.

#guestpost - If 30 days is all we have, how much startup value can we add?

Imagine for a second that you were given a deadline; you have 30 days to build as much value with your startup as you possibly can. The deal is that you have to deal with your limited resources whether it is lack of time, experience, team or money and still manage to make significant progress. How feasible is this scenario? After all, it takes a couple of weeks to qualitatively validate users’ needs and months to build a quality product!

Patents for Board Game Designers: Protecting Your Idea in a Crowded Field

We've all grown up playing board games and probably not taking any time to realize how those games became family traditions. While you've maybe taken a few minutes to notice the copyright insignia on the box (likely continuously renewed), patents were likely involved as well. Everything from classic Monopoly to current popular board games like Scythe had to obtain patents to protect their ideas.

Without a blush - sextech patents

Sextech is nothing new and no reason to get shy! I’ve been in this business for a long time*, so I’ve seen the reams of paper in this business gradually being replaced by electronic files and electronic access. If you think that patent searching is difficult now, you must not know how hard it used to be – especially for some areas of tech.