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  1. Select the call type: Discovery call

  2. Manually set your time zone for the call

  3. Fill your info & answer a couple of preliminary questions

  4. Confirm your scheduled call

  5. Wait for the automated confirmation email from us

If you have any questions with scheduling, feel free to email us by clicking here.


We provide full support for those who have individual questions regarding their innovation. Because every idea is unique, we believe everyone needs special attention. In order to serve our clients’ needs, we do a quick audit during these calls.

Our discovery calls are free, but scheduling is required - we want to make sure everyone gets our full undistracted focus.


What happens during the call?

  • You can schedule the call through our form below - pick a date that suits you

  • You will get an automated confirmation email on the call

  • Our team might reach out to you personally to make sure we all come prepared for the call

  • On the call, we will ask you detailed questions on your idea, and your startup strategy - this helps us to understand your goals

  • Based on the learnings, we will recommend you a solution on how to move forward with your idea - you will gain actionable insights on the call