What does a patent do?

What does a patent do?

Patents provide protection for innovations. They boost innovators by granting recognition of creativity and the possibility of material reward for their inventions.

Wondering what a patent protects and what it can do for you?

Well, patents, among other things:

  • Grant you 20 years of exclusivity to your idea

  • Allow you to transfer, license, or sell your idea through your patent

  • Stop the theft of your ideas from bigger rivals

  • Facilitate venture capital investment and overall valuation

  • Increase your business’ valuation

  • Help businesses rapidly expand their market share

  • Provide increased credibility

  • Give a defense in case of accusations of patent infringement

It’s safe to say that patents are one of the most valuable investments for your business. They give you the legal right to prevent others from stealing the intangible assets that create the core of your business.

Your ability to protect and assert those rights can determine your business success or failure.

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